Nuggets Get Hammered, But...!

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Nuggets Get Hammered, But...!


The San Antonio Spurs had heard just about enough of the so-called demise of Tony Parker and Tim Duncan after their loss to Denver in the first game of the nba playoffs. So they decided to open up a can of whup-ass and take Denver out back to the woodshed for an old fashion beating - and they weren’t kidding!

By half time it was 63-32 and the rout was on! The Spurs made 9 of their first 10 shots and in the second quarter went on a 27-5 run that saw Denver miss 13 of 14 shots. Last night, Denver was very undisciplined at both ends of the court and on defense were running around and double teaming, which gave Spurs guard John Berry some wide-open looks and he delivered with 16 points.

Before this series began we had predicted a slugfest and we may as well fasten our seat belts for an emotional rollercoaster! I suggested that Denver may enjoy a sizeable edge in the matchup between Spurs defensive specialist Bruce Bowen and Denver’s small forward Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has the ability to dominate with his size, but he has to drain his shots. Carmelo was 5-14 for the game and is now 31-94 (33%) in 4 regular season games and 2 playoff encounters this season, which only averages out to 5 shots made per game and that will not get it done.

I am sticking with the Nuggets in this one as they did what they had to in San Antonio and that was get a split. Things will be different on their home court, as the place will be rocking and Karl is great at making the necessary adjustments. Denver in 6!